Friday, 8 November 2019

6mm Germans and some straggling Brits

Well I finally got around to flocking the Germans for my 6mm IABSM project. There were also a few Brits to finish from the last batch, I made up 5 more 2p leader bases to take my total to 10 leaders or Big Men for each side, also a whole heap 2in mortars.

I used dark green and light green static grass, 1mm length from Serious Play on eBay, and a mix of the two for blending.

The completed batch

British troops, Big men on 2p bases, 2in mortars on 1p bases.

Brits to the left, Germans to the right.

German troops, with three LMGs.

Some German Big Men on 2p bases, Panzershreks on 1p bases.
The blending on the German Big men isn't great but I think I improved as I went on and got a better technique worked out. Good enough from arms length though!

German sustained fire MG34/43

I've got some AT guns and random support from both sides that need working on, also with Baccus releasing their Panzer IV I took the plunge and got some Shermans, PzIVs, Universal carriers and Kubelwagons and motorbikes. Bonus got paid in last months pay check so decided to treat myself!